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"Theories 2011-20 and other selected writings" is an epub containing all the posts from Theory Engine up to end of 2020 plus some Twitter threads AND selected greatest hits from the personal blog. It comes in at 73,000 words, which is as long as a real book. Choose your supporter price, and enjoy your read!

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"Theories" is a collection of essays and blog posts from Jessica's philosophy and personal blogs. It includes all of the commentaries of the Kegan stages and on the work of David Chapman's book Meaningness. It also includes audience favourites from the personal blog, from tips on how to become a tech contractor to reflections on bisexuality and kissing girls in the ladies' room.

This book is perfect for people looking to find meaning in life, and find comfort in the personal stories of a reflective thinker.

Table of contents:


Section One: An Egregore


Section Two: Essays

Essays 1: Out there

Emotionally Dealing With Cheaters
Crap Criticisms Of Elon Musk
More Strategies For Body Pleasure Management
Philosophy of Tool Use
The Trolley Won't Be A Problem
Britain's unequal cities and the magnetic force of London's social norms
Reaction to: We're A Niche, We Just Didn't Know
Book Review: Impro by Keith Johnstone
Tips for a longer life
How To Become A Tech Contractor
Contemplative Practice That Isn't Meditating
All Seats Are The One Seat


Money, part 2
Religious tendencies
Community Units
Utopia Acid Test

Section Two: Essays

Essays 2: In Here

Me and Myself
The Archetypes Inside Me
How I Left The Cult
That time I became a man


Metaphor for panic
Philosophy labels

Section Three: Wrong-think

Rants about how everyone is wrong

Not A Meritocracy
Just run the numbers
Escaping the tyranny of the 'no new ideas' myth

Section Four: Kegan & Meaningness

Stage 3-4: From Village to City

Polyamory as stage 4 bridge

(Stage 4: Civic structures)

Stage 4.5: Civic collapse + Postmodernism

Postmodernist Territory
Primer: Systems Don't Work
Literary reactions to propaganda in a structuralist world
Get Past This Angst

Stage 5: Fluid Mode

Reaching Stage 5 - Non-Stem
Emotional challenges of Stage 5
What is Stage 5's environment?
Existing signs of fluidity
End Of Nations: Stage 5 Geography?
Another opinion u-turn
Summary of Kegan Stage 5 Principles
Reflections on Cook-Greuter's Nine Levels

Section Five: Sex & Sexuality

Eternalist Problems With Bisexuality
The Future of Sexuality
Illicit Kisses In The Ladies Room
Hands On Vulvas

Section Six: Manifestos

Meaning-Maker Manifesto

Section Seven: What next

The Inevitability of the Speed of Time
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